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Wednesday 25 November 2009

Coming Soon - Updates to the local listings blog

There haven't been too many updates from the local listings blog lately, but that's about to change! Below, are a list of improvements coming soon to your local listings network.
  • Forum Created. Work has begun on the Local Listings Forum, which will give users more of a 'social networking' feel. It will also allow users to receive news and updates as they happen.
  • Details of the Grand Junction Retail Park will be added soon, to give the shops directory a more comprehensive list.
  • There will be a bigger 2010 best fish and chip shop of the year competition, promoted everywhere around town!
  • More reviews of places to eat and drink.
more coming soon

Friday 20 November 2009

Stop 'n' Shop - Your local mobile shop

Having moved to a new area of Crewe not too long ago, I was delighted to find out that it was on the route of a local stop 'n' shop.

They offer a wide range of snacks and confectionery, as well as bread and milk, all at very reasonable prices. Combine that with a friendly service and you can see why the stop'n'shop is a vital part of the community.

Their current hours are.
Monday to Friday: 5 - 10pm
Sunday: 3 - 8pm

If your area is not currently served by a stop'n'shop, you can either email local listings or contact the stopnshop directly via their facebook page here.

I will continue to add more news and updates directly from the stopnshop. To read all stopnshop news currently, click here.