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Monday 10 September 2012

Model Railway Show & Miniature Railway Gala - 27th/28th October

Crewe Heritage Centre are putting together a Model Railway Show & Miniature Railway Gala on the 27th and 28th October 2012. Local Listings will cover the event and bring you pictures and news from the event, but please go along to the event itself and show your support for the Crewe Heritage Centre and the wonderful job they do in promoting local heritage.

Details of the event
Model Railway Show & Miniature Railway Gala
Date: 27th and 28th October 2012
Time: 10:00am till 16:30pm

A selection of Model railways and layouts and locomotives of various types running on the Miniature Railway.

Other attractions include:
Brake Van rides, Three Signal Boxes, Cafe serving light refreshments, Advanced Passenger Train, Cab visits, Trade stands/stalls

Admission Charges
Adults £5, Children £2, Seniors £3, Family £10

For more details, visit their website @

Saturday 4 August 2012

Latest Online Voucher Codes for Pizza Hut in Crewe

Here are some tasty deals from the Pizza Hut on Nantwich Road.

2 for the price on 1 on pizzas
Collection: VCLKLMJLG

£10 off when you spend £30 or more

40% off when you spend £35 or more


Friday 13 July 2012

Health, Beauty and Pharmacies in Crewe

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Here are the listings for Health and Beauty stores - including pharmacies.

The Body Shop
Health & Beauty Shop
6-8 Victoria Street Crewe 01270 585825

Eagle Bridge Pharmacy
Dunwoody Way Crewe 01270 212842

Rowlands Pharmacy
Crewe Road Crewe 01270 254172

The Co-operative Pharmacy
19-21 Victoria Centre Crewe 01270 213624

The Co-operative Pharmacy
School Crescent Crewe 01270 585232

The Co-operative Pharmacy
Readesdale Avenue Crewe 01270 663815

Boots The Chemists
1 Cheshire Street Crewe 01270 811245

Boots The Chemists
56-58 Market Street Crewe 01270 212252

39-41 London Road Crewe 01477 532347

Rowlands Pharmacy
7 Kings Drive Crewe 01270 661934

Rowlands Pharmacy
66 Richard Moon Street Crewe 01270 213741

1-2 Market Centre Crewe 01270 213863

The Co-operative Pharmacy
143 West Street Crewe 01270 213097

The Co-operative Pharmacy
Rope Lane Crewe 01270 567500

The Co-operative Pharmacy
139-141 Nantwich Road Crewe 01270 215837

The Co-operative Pharmacy
Brookhouse Drive Crewe 01270 650215

Boots The Chemist
Grand Junction Way Crewe 01270 251070

Clothing Stores in Crewe

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There is a wide range of clothing stores in Crewe. The below listings contain stores from Crewe town centre and the surrounding area.

TK Maxx
Womens & Mens Clothing
15 Grand Junction Way Crewe 01270 500247

George (ASDA)
Womens & Mens Clothing
17-18 Victoria Centre Crewe 01270 258271

River Island
Fashion Shop
4-5 Market Centre Crewe 0844 826 9764

Womens & Mens Clothing
Earle Street Crewe 0844 844 5435

New Look
Fashion Shop
3-5 Delamere Street Crewe 01270 503830

Mens Clothing
12 Queensway Crewe 01270 258624

Womens Clothing
12 Queensway Crewe 01270 258624

Department Store
29 Queensway Crewe 0845 841 0169

Marks & Spencer
Department Store
39-47 Market Street Crewe 01270 500055

Womens & Mens Clothing
22-25 Market Centre Crewe 01270 617286

Burton Menswear
Mens Clothing
79-83 Market Street Crewe 01270 257645

Womens & Mens Clothing
4 Victoria Street Crewe 01270 583559

The Dance Place
Dance & Balletwear
83 Victoria Street Crewe 01270 256555

Womens & Mens Clothing
129 Nantwich Road Crewe 01270 211143

Fashion Accessories
62A Market Street Crewe 01270 256590

Womens Clothing
23 Victoria Centre Crewe 01270 215897

Womens & Mens Clothing
3 Victoria Centre Crewe 01270 250188

Tara's Couture
Womens Clothing
173-175 Nantwich Road Crewe 01270 250526

Womens Clothing
16-17 Market Centre Crewe 01270 252050

Laura Ashley
Fashion Shop
Grand Junction Way Crewe 0871 223 1597

Dorothy Perkins
Womens Clothing
18-19 Market Centre Crewe 01270 213923

Select Fashions
Womens Clothing
1 Earle Street Crewe 01270 580196

Womens Clothing
29 Queensway Crewe 0845 841 0169

Big Time
Mens Clothing
8 Heath Street Crewe 07980 451 368

Dress Agency
5-11 Mill Street Crewe 01270 580716

Shopping in Crewe - Directory of Stores

Welcome to the all new guide to Shopping in Crewe. With more catergories and updated with all of the latest shops, I hope you'll find this guide useful.

coming soon: a satellite map of Crewe town centre to show you where the shops are

Videogame Stores in Crewe

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With 'Game' closing down in 2012, Crewe doesn't have a huge choice of Videogame stores, but here are the best ones. In addition to the specialist stores below, you may want to try Asda.

Video Game Retailer
46 Market Street Crewe 01270 214748

Grainger Games
Video Game Retailer
9 Delamere Street Crewe 01270 580098

Travel Agents in Crewe

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When you're ready to plan your next summer holiday, you may want to try one of the below Travel Agents.

Thomas Cook
Travel Agent
64 Market Street Crewe 0871 664 7157

The Co-operative Travel
Travel Agent
64A Market Street Crewe 01270 211064

Travel Agent
7 Victoria Centre Crewe 01270 258872

Thomas Cook
Travel Agent
27 Queensway Crewe 0845 308 9236

New Horizons Travel
Travel Agent
155 Edleston Road Crewe 01270 255585

3 D Travel
Travel Agent
6 Heath Street Crewe 01270 500773

Star Travel
Travel Agent
106 Nantwich Road Crewe 01270 500880

Stationery Stores in Crewe

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Here are the stationers in Crewe selling products including paper, envelopes, folders and everything you need before your children go back to school.

Digital Print Solutions
Stationery Products
217-219 Nantwich Road Crewe 01270 55802

Ryman The Stationer
Stationery Products
9 Victoria Centre Crewe 01270 500564

Sports Equipment and Clothing Stores in Crewe

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The below Spotrs stores sell everything from sports equipment to clothing and everything in between.

Sports Direct
Sports Equipment
Earle Street Crewe 0870 333 9400

Sports World
Sports Equipment
Grand Junction Way Crewe 0844 332 5203

JJB Sports
Sports Equipment
Market Centre Crewe 01270 582547

J D Sports
Sports Equipment
14 Queensway Crewe 01270 254273

J E Williams
Bike Shop
13-17 Edleston Road Crewe 01270 255672

Camping & Outdoor Equipment
7-9 Queensway Crewe 01270 255446

Foundation Bmx
Bike Shop
103 Nantwich Road Crewe 01270 500690

American Golf
Golf Equipment
Queens Park Drive Crewe 0844 499 1964

Sports Equipment
Earle Street Crewe 0870 333 9653

Shoe Stores in Crewe

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Here are the specialist shoe shops in the Crewe area.

Brantano Footwear
Shoe Shop
Earle Street Crewe 01270 580228

Sarah's Shoes
Shoe Shop
185-191 Nantwich Road Crewe 01270 255810
Wynsors World Of Shoes
Shoe Shop
31-32 Market Centre Crewe 01270 501816

Shoe Shop
Market Centre Crewe 01270 255041

Shoe Zone
Shoe Shop
25 Queensway Crewe 01270 255565

Shoe Shop
Earle Street Crewe 08444 995544

Music Stores in Crewe

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Since Zavvi closed, Crewe town centre has been deprived of a specialist music shop, but here are alternatives that are nearby.

Merben Music
Music Shop
11-13 Hightown Crewe 01270 582728

R&B Music
Music Shop
193 Nantwich Road Crewe 01270 584333

Kids and Baby Stores in Crewe

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Here are the list of stores in Crewe specialising in things for the little ones - including toys and clothing.

Baby Furniture & Accessories
15 Victoria Centre Crewe 01270 213227

Early Learning Centre
Toy Shop
44 Market Street Crewe 01270 213295

Jewellers in Crewe

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Looking for a gift for Valentine's Day? Selling everything from Engagement Rings to Watches, the below stores should have it covered.

Valemi Jewellers
Jewellery Shop
17 Earle Street Crewe 01270 254030

John Pass
Jewellery Shop
179 Nantwich Road Crewe 01270 214157

Carters Of Queensway
Jewellery Shop
18 Queensway Crewe 01270 256371

Ernest Jones
Jewellery Shop
15 Market Centre Crewe 01270 254322

Jewellery Shop
53 Market Street Crewe 01270 253638

Greetings Cardshops in Crewe

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Here is the updated list of Greetings Cardshops in Crewe.

Card Factory
Card and Poster Shop
55 Market Street Crewe -

Card Express
Card and Poster Shop
18 Victoria Street Crewe -

Card and Poster Shop
21 Queensway Crewe 01270 255673

Clinton Cards
Card and Poster Shop
8-9 Market Centre Crewe 01270 214817

Florists in Crewe

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Looking for a mother's day gift and a treat for your partner on an anniversary? Try the below florists.

77 Nantwich Road Crewe 01270 256251

Covent Garden
19 Nantwich Road Crewe 01270 211823

Electrical Stores in Crewe

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Here are listings for Electrical Stores in Crewe town centre and the surrounding area.

Electrical Goods
Grand Junction Way Crewe 0844 561 6263

Maplin Electronics
Electrical Goods
8 Grand Junction Way Crewe 00243 227747

Electrical Goods
Chapel Street Crewe 01270 214106

Electrical Goods
21 Edleston Road Crewe 01270 848554

Electrical Goods
25 Edleston Road Crewe 01270 589392

DIY and Home Stores in Crewe

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Doing a spot of DIY? Whatever you need, the below stores are sure to have what you need!

B&Q DIY Supercentre
DIY Shop
Weston Road Crewe 01270 214911

Household Stores
4 Market Centre Crewe 01270 250754

Dulux Decorator Centre
Paint & Supplies
Gateway Crewe 01270 256253

Johnstone's Leyland Decorating Centre
Paint & Supplies
Gateway Crewe 01270 252628

Dunelm Mill
Home Furnishings
Forge Street Crewe 01470 848648

Harveys The Furniture Store
Furniture Shop
Grand Junction Way Crewe 01270 250025

Home Curtains & Bedding
Home Furnishings
17 Queensway Crewe 01270 211343

The Pine & Bed Company
Furniture Shop
2-8 Delamere Street Crewe 01270 211170

Good Knights
Bedding & Bedroom Accessories
128A Nantwich Road Crewe 01270 580255

Furniture Shop
Market Centre Crewe 01270 580860

Antique & Country Pine
Furniture Shop
102 Edleston Road Crewe 01270 258617

Dreams Bed Superstores
Bedding & Bedroom Accessories
Grand Junction Way Crewe 01270 251009

Discount Stores in Crewe

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A lot of Discount Stores have opened in Crewe in the last couple of years, largely due to the Credit Crunch - as 'price' becomes more of a issue when making purchases.

Home Bargains
Discount Store
19 Queensway, Crewe CW1 2HH
Earle Street, Crewe CW1 2RP

Pound Centre
Discount Store
23 Queensway, Crewe CW1 2HH

Discount Store
59-61 Market Street, Crewe CW1 2EY
The latest discount store to hit Crewe town centre was a large branch of Poundland, stocking a wide range of products including food, stationary and toileteries.

Discount Store
Earle Street, Crewe CW1 2RP

Bookstores in Crewe

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Crewe has 3 bookstores in and around the town centre and a branch of WHSmith's on Nantwich Road. Below are the addresses and contact numbers.

The Works Bookstore
Book Shop
12 Market Centre Crewe 01270 212659
The Works sell a wide range of books, as well as selling gifts and confectionary.

Book Shop
19 Victoria Street Crewe 01270 580022
Specialist Bookstore

Book Shop
13 Victoria Centre Crewe 01270 215714
Nantwich Road Crewe 01270 257169
As well as selling books, WHSmith stock newspapers, magazines and a range of confectionary.

Banks and Building Societies in Crewe

Here are a list of the banks and building societies in the local Crewe area, complete with addresses and telephone numbers.

Barclays Bank PLC
Westmere Drive Crewe 0845 755 5555
1 The Square Crewe 0845 755 5555
38 Market Street Crewe 0845 755 5555

Halifax PLC
10 Market Centre Crewe 0845 720 3040

30 Market Street Crewe 0845 740 4404

Lloyds TSB Bank PLC
13 Victoria Street Crewe 0845 300 0000

Mortgage Advice Bureau
232 Nantwich Road Crewe 01270 250250

35-37 Market Square Crewe 0845 605 1605
53-55 Nantwich Road Crewe 0845 605 1605
24 London Road Crewe 0845 605 1605

52 Market Street Crewe 0845 765 4321
22 Victoria Street Crewe 0845 765 4321

The Co-operative Bank PLC
17 Victoria Street Crewe 0845 721 2212

Yorkshire Bank PLC
41 Victoria Street Crewe 0845 736 5365

Building Society
3 Earle Street Crewe 01270 212920
147 Nantwich Road Crewe 01270 211415

Cheshire Building Society
Building Society
4-6 The Square Crewe 01477 537614
27 Victoria Street Crewe 01270 257711

Nationwide Building Society
Building Society
28 Market Street Crewe 0845 730 2010

Wednesday 11 July 2012

Odeon Cinema Listings for the next 7 days

Here are the latest cinema listings for the Odeon in Crewe. Friday sees the release of Ice Age 4: Continental Drift, whilst there are still plenty of showings of the new Spiderman movie. Next week sees the release of the new Batman movie.

Ice Age: Continental Drift 2D
Running time: 93 mins (Contains mild threat and comic violence.)
Friday13:00 15:30 18:00 .
Saturday10:50 13:00 15:30 18:00 .
Sunday10:50 13:00 15:30 18:00 .
Monday13:15 15:30 18:00 .
Tuesday13:15 15:30 18:00 ..

Ice Age: Continental Drift 3D
Running time: 93 mins (Contains mild threat and comic violence.)
Friday14:00 16:30 18:45 21:00 .
Saturday11:30 14:00 16:30 18:45 21:00 .
Sunday11:30 14:00 16:30 18:30 20:45 .
Monday14:00 16:30 18:30 20:45 .
Tuesday14:00 16:30 18:30 18:45 20:45 21:00 ..

Magic Mike
Running time: 110 mins (Contains strong language, sex references, nudity and drug use)..
Wednesday20:45 .
Thursday13:15 15:30 18:00 20:45 .
Friday13:45 16:15 19:00 21:20 .
Saturday13:45 16:15 19:00 21:20 .
Sunday13:45 16:15 18:45 21:00 .
Monday13:45 16:15 18:45 21:00 .
Tuesday13:45 16:15 ..

Men In Black 3 2D
Running time: 105 mins (Contains mild language, innuendo and fantasy violence.)
Thursday13:30 16:00 18:30 ..

Mirror Mirror
Running time: 106 mins (Contains mild threat, violence and infrequent mild language) ...
Saturday11:00 .
Sunday11:00 ..

Salmon Fishing In The Yemen
Running time: 107 mins (Contains one use of strong language and moderate sex references).
Tuesday10:30 ..

The Amazing Spider-Man 2D
Running time: 136 mins (Contains moderate violence and injury detail)
Wednesday19:30 21:00 .
Thursday13:00 16:15 19:30 21:00 .
Friday13:30 16:45 20:00 .
Saturday13:30 16:45 20:00 .
Sunday13:30 16:45 20:00 .
Monday13:30 16:45 20:00 .
Tuesday13:30 16:45 20:00 ..

The Amazing Spider-Man 3D
Running time: 136 mins (Contains moderate violence and injury detail)
Wednesday20:30 21:30 .
Thursday14:00 15:00 17:15 18:15 20:30 21:30 .
Friday12:45 16:00 19:30 20:30 .
Saturday12:45 16:00 19:30 20:30 .
Sunday12:45 16:00 19:30 20:30 .
Monday13:00 16:00 19:30 20:30 .
Tuesday13:00 16:00 19:30 20:30 ..

Friday 1 June 2012

Crewe Live kicks off this Saturday at Lyceum Square

A music event in Crewe on Saturday kicks off a summer of live entertainment in the town – lasting until the end of August.

Cheshire East Council has sponsored the street entertainment programme as part of the wider Crewe Live festival that is taking place over the Jubilee weekend (June 1-4).

A stage will be set up in Lyceum Square and between 11am and 2pm on Saturday there will be a variety of music acts, including some local groups, entertaining the crowds.

Saturday’s free concert will be followed up by a programme of events over the summer that sees performances every weekend on the Lyceum Square from 11 to 2pm each Saturday.

It is expected that more than 1,000 music fans will visit the town’s pubs and club’s this weekend to see a variety of music acts as part of Crewe Live.

The festival will be headlined by the group Ash, who will be performing at The Box.

Councillor Jamie Macrae, Cabinet member in charge of prosperity and economic regeneration, said: “I hope that people will visit Crewe this weekend and enjoy the free concert that is being held in Lyceum Square.

“Through our All Change for Crewe programme we have high hopes for the regeneration of the town. Cultural events like this help attract both local residents and visitors to the town centre.”

Friday 18 May 2012

Crewe Alex vs Cheltenham Town - League 2 playoff final - May 27th, 3pm

Next Sunday sees the Railwaymen playoff against Cheltenham Town for promotion to League 1, at Wembley, after beating Southend by an aggregate score of 3-2 in the playoff semi final.

Tickets for your seat at Wembley range from £30 - £62, (concessions = £15 - £31) with official transport to and from the game costing £25. Currently, tickets are only on sale to season ticket holders and Crewe Alex members, but tey go on sale to the general public from 9am on Sunday.

Latest Deals from Pizza Hut & Dominos

With Euro 2012 just around the corner, we thought you'd make good use of these special offers from Dominos and Pizza Hut in Crewe.

Pizza Hut
£10 off when you spend £25 or more

Any Pizza, Any Size for £9.99

50% when you spend £35 or more

50% off £30 Domino’s voucher code – PIZZAS50

Expires 30th July 2012

50% off £40 Domino’s voucher code – JSQKUKXH
Expires 30th July 2012

Buy 1 get 1 Free any size pizza

valid on Tuesdays

£5 off £20 Domino’s code – UCASYEAH

Expires: Ongoing

Please post a comment if any of the above codes do not work. Enjoy!!

Monday 14 May 2012

Rookery Wood (Fayre & Square) - Restaurant Review

Rookery Wood
Weston Road, Crewe, Cheshire, CW1 6NE

Tel: 01270 255384

Rookery Wood has recently undergone a major refurbishment, but the menu and theme remains the same.

What you can expect to find is decent pub food at a very reasonable price, catering for the whole family - with a wacky warehouse to keep the children entertained.

For the adults, there is a large beer garden and a Costa Coffee within the wacky warehouse.

Value for Money 9/10
Wide range of '2 meals for £10' deals. Full menu price is very reasonable.

Service 8/10
Food arrives promptly and hot.

Food 6/10
Decent pub-style food.

Atmosphere 6/10
A pleasant family ambience

Overall 29/40

Sunday 13 May 2012

Premier League of Crewe Restaurants - Read our reviews here

This is a new section to local listings. If you're looking for a restaurant in Crewe, you may want to read our unbiased reviews. You may also read other people's comments and even add your own.

Here is the local listings premier league for restaurants in Crewe and the surrounding area. The score is out of a maximum of 40 points.

Red = score out of 40 points, Green=type of food
1st -32 points - Frankie & Benny's - American - (read the review here)
2nd - 29 points - Rookery Wood (Fayre & Square) - Pub Food - (read the review here)

**This section is under construction**

Visit the Blue Planet Aquarium, near to Cheshire Oaks

With the school holidays not too far away, you may want to consider visiting the Blue Planet Aquarium near to Cheshire Oaks. Here is your local listings review to help you decide.

As far as aquariums go, the Blue Planet Aquarium rivals any other in the country. With 12 uniquely themed zones, there's enough there to keep the family entertained for a few hours. Home to everything, from 3 metre Sand Tiger Sharks to 3cm poison dart frogs.

In addition, there is a 70 metre aquatunnel where you can view a vast array of sea-creatures (including the sharks!)

The only downside is the cost. From admission prices to the cost of food/drinks. You'll need to have deep pockets if you are taking your family. The food is pretty basic and will set you back £6.60 a meal.

Ticket Prices
You can buy Blue Planet Aquarium tickets online or on the day.

Admission Prices Ticket Type Walk Up Price Online Price
Adult £15.50 £13.00
Child (up to 14) £11.25 £8.75
Concession (OAPs, students, etc) £13.50 £12.00
Family (2 adults and 2 children) £52.00 £43.50
Groovy Grandparent Ticket (2 senior citizens and 2 children, up to 14yrs) £48.00 £41.50


By Road

Blue Planet Aquarium is at junction 10 of the M53 and is easy to find from the M56 and M6. If you're travelling from the M6, join the M56 at J20, then head towards Ellesmere Port and turn onto the M53 at junction15. Follow the brown tourist information signs for Blue Planet and Cheshire Oaks. We have ample FREE car and coach parking.

Using Satellite Navigation?
Use postcode CH65 9LF, or Kinsey Road.
By Bus
Regular bus services run from Liverpool, Chester, Ellesmere Port and North Wales to Blue Planet Aquarium and Cheshire Oaks. From Liverpool take the No 1 bus from Sir Thomas Street. From Chester take the No 1 or No 4 bus from the Central Bus Station.

By Train
If travelling by train, the nearest railway station is Ellesmere Port, about 2 miles away. Services run from Chester and Liverpool Lime Street Underground Station (Wirral Line).

For more information, please contact Blue Planet Aquarium on 0151 357 8804

DIamond Jubilee events occuring in Crewe

The following events will be taking place in the Crewe LAP area to commemorate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Please note that many of these events are for private residential communities and not accessible by the general public.

In addition, the council has annouced that there will be free parking during the whole jubilee period.

1st June 2012

Village Jubilee Festival, Shavington (1st - 3rd June)

The Sixty Plus Diamond Jubilee Street Party, Autism Network Building, Crewe

2nd June 2012

A Right Royal Affair, Weston Allotment Group, Weston Allotments

Weston's Wonderful Jubilee Day, Church Hall, Weston

Street party, Herbert Street, Crewe

Garden Party, Autism Network Building, Crewe

Street Party, Burton Grove, Leighton

The Tree Cozy Project Tea Party Celebration Event, The Civic Centre outside Crewe Library

3rd June 2012

Jubilee celebrations, Village Hall, Barthomley

Jubilee street party, Kemble Close, Crewe

Community garden party, St Andrew's Church, Crewe

Big Diamond Jubilee lunch, Somerville Street, Crewe

Diamond Jubilee Tree planting ceremony, Crewe Green

Big Jubilee Lunch, Gainsborough

Street Party, James Atkinson Way, Crewe

4th June 2012

Jubilee Party in the Park, Queen's Park, Crewe

Street party, Fisherman's Close, Winterley

Beacon and Fireworks show, Queens Park, Crewe

Diamond street party, Becconsall Close, Crewe

5th June 2012

Street party, Wishing Well, Crewe

Street party, New Life Community Church, Crewe

Afternoon tea party, Purple Onion, Crewe

8th June 2012

Jubilee Rose Garden opening ceremony, Wistaston

9th June 2012

Jubilee strawberry tea party, Crewe

11th June 2012

QE60 party, Chapel Street, Crewe

Olympic Torch Relay in Crewe - Useful Information

The Olympic Torch Relay arrives in Cheshire East on the morning of Thursday, May 31, The Council, in conjunction with the police, has taken the decision to close roads where the Olympic Flame is being carried by torchbearers in Crewe, Congleton, Macclesfield and Knutsford.

The road closures are necessary to protect the public and make this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity safe and enjoyable for all Cheshire East residents and participants.

However, the road closures are likely to cause significant disruption to traffic and residents are being advised to allow plenty of time for their journeys during the morning.

Anyone planning to go and watch the relay is being asked to walk or cycle to the route where possible. Those travelling in their own vehicles are being encouraged to set off early and park in off-street car parks.

Public transport will be disrupted and access to railway stations, including Crewe and Knutsford, will be affected.

Information leaflets and maps are currently being prepared and will be distributed to all homes and businesses along the roads that are closed, as well as those adjacent to them.

Although the torch will only be passing through the town for a short period, it is necessary to close the road for longer to accommodate the various events that will be lining the route as well as the road cleaning after the relay has passed.

Further information about waste collections on Thursday, May 31, will be communicated nearer the time.

Councillor Rod Menlove, Cabinet member with responsibility for environmental services, said: “The Olympic Torch Relay is a unique event and we want as many Cheshire East residents as possible to come out and see the flame for themselves.

“We are closing the roads for the safety of both participants and spectators and we will do our utmost to reduce the disruption by reopening the roads as soon as it is safe to do so.”

All the information, including the maps of road closures, is available to view online at: www.cheshireeast.gov.uk/2012.

Tuesday 17 January 2012

Peppa Pig set to appear at the new Tesco Store, Crewe

Yesterday, saw the official opening of the new Tesco store on Vernon Way. The new 64,000 square foot Tesco Extra store, which has replaced a smaller superstore, benefits from extended opening hours, a new phone shop, Tesco Direct desk and family café.

It also has an extended food and counter range including an olive bar, fresh meat and fish counter as well as larger clothing, home and electrical departments.

Opening celebrations will continue this Saturday between 11am and 4pm as the store will welcome another special guest, Peppa Pig. Peppa will be the guest of honour at a free family fun day where shoppers will be treated to complementary face painting and a barbeque.

Crewe Library Re-Opens

Cheshire East Council is reminding residents that Crewe library fully re-opens today, Monday, January 16. The library had been partially closed since November 2011 to allow for essential improvements to be made.

A reduced service has been offered during this time, with residents still able to borrow and return books.

The improvements include a larger children’s play area, new shelving and carpets and the installation of energy-efficient lighting.

The official opening of Crewe library will take place on Saturday, February 4.

Forthcoming planning application for proposed gypsy and traveller site in Crewe

Tomorrow, will see a planning application put forward to the development of a permanent gypsy and travaller site in Crewe. The proposed site is on Parkers Road. If approved, the site would house 10 pitches and an amenity block with washrooms, kitchen, dayroom and laundry.

No doubt this topic will divide opinion, but residents are urged to voice their concerns by contacting the planning office on the below.

Development Management
PO Box 606
Municipal Buildings

Or via: planning@cheshireeast.gov.uk

The Council can also confirm that it has received a petition from residents campaigning against the proposed site. The matter will be debated at the next meeting of full Council on February 23.

Please share your opinions on this topic, by leaving a comment to this post.

Tuesday 10 January 2012

Odeon, Crewe - Useful Information

Here is the updated information for the Odeon Cinema in Crewe

Contact Information
0871 22 44 007
Calls cost 10p per minute plus network extras.

ODEON Crewe,
Phoenix Leisure Park,
Dunwoody Way,

Auditorium information
Number of screens: 5

Number of seats
Screen 1: 93 seats
2 wheelchair space in the middle of the auditorium

Screen 2: 143 seats
2 wheelchair space at the front of the auditorium

Screen 3: 190 seats
2 wheelchair space at the front of the auditorium

Screen 4: 139 seats
2 wheelchair space at the front of the auditorium

Screen 5: 95 seats
2 wheelchair space in the middle of the auditorium

Ticket Prices
Super Saver / Peak
All day Monday / Thursday / before 5pm Friday.
Friday from 5pm, all day Saturday and Sunday.
Child 12 years and under £5.10 £5.50
Teen Ages 13-17 £5.50 £6.00
Senior Ages 60+ £5.10 £5.50
Adult Ages 18+ £6.20 £7.10

1 adult, 3 children or 2 adults, 2 children £20.40 £22.00
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Reel Cinema in Crewe is now Odeon! Film listings w/c 10/01/12

If you hadn't already noticed, your Reel Cinema is now an Odeon! Here are the listings for the coming week.

Alvin And The Chipmunks - Chipwrecked
Running time: 87 mins (Contains mild comic threat)..Wednesday12:45 14:45 16:45 .Thursday12:45 14:45 16:45 .Friday13:00 15:15 .Saturday11:15 13:00 15:15 .Sunday11:15 13:00 15:15 .Monday13:00 15:15 ..

Dolphin Tale 2D
Running time: 112 mins (Contains one use of mild language and scenes of emotional distress)Rating: ...Saturday11:00 .Sunday11:00 ..

Running time: 91 mins (Contains strong bloody violence, language and sex references)Rating: ..Wednesday18:45 21:00 .Thursday18:45 21:00 ..

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol
Running time: 133 mins (Contains moderate action violence)Rating: ..Wednesday12:15 15:00 17:45 20:45 .Thursday12:15 15:00 17:45 20:45 .Friday12:15 15:00 18:00 21:00 .Saturday12:15 15:00 18:00 21:00 .Sunday12:15 15:00 18:00 21:00 .Monday12:15 15:00 18:00 21:00 ..

Puss In Boots 2D
Running time: 90 mins (Contains mild comic fight scenes and innuendo)Rating: ..Wednesday12:30 14:30 .Thursday12:30 14:30 .Saturday11:30 ..

Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows
Running time: 129 mins (Contains moderate violence)Rating: ..Wednesday11:45 14:30 17:15 20:00 .Thursday11:45 14:30 17:15 20:00 .Friday11:45 14:30 17:30 20:15 .Saturday11:45 14:30 17:30 20:15 .Sunday11:45 14:30 17:30 20:15 .Monday11:45 14:30 17:30 20:15 ..

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
Running time: 153 mins (Contains scenes of sexual violence)Rating: ..Wednesday17:00 20:15 .Thursday17:00 20:15 .Friday17:00 20:45 .Saturday17:00 20:45 .Sunday17:00 20:45 .Monday17:00 20:45 ..

The Iron Lady
Running time: 105 mins (Contains real images of moderate violence, injury detail and brief nudity)Rating: ..Wednesday13:00 15:30 18:00 20:30 .Thursday13:00 15:30 18:00 20:30 .Friday13:15 15:30 17:45 20:00 .Saturday13:15 15:30 17:45 20:00 .Sunday13:15 15:30 17:45 20:00 .Monday13:15 15:30 17:45 20:00 ..

War Horse
Running time: 146 mins (Contains infrequent moderate battle violence)..Friday14:00 17:15 20:30 .Saturday14:00 17:15 20:30 .Sunday14:00 17:15 20:30 .Monday

Crewe Train Station Redevelopement

Earlier this week, Cheshire East Council’s Strategic Planning Board gave the green light to a multi-million pound project that will start the overhaul of Crewe Station and the redevelopment of the adjoining Royal Mail site. An official press release read;-

Councillors voted in favour of the application that kick-starts the first phase of an ambitious wider landmark scheme that will transform this part of Crewe. It includes:

A new surface-level car park of about 240 spaces
Improved facilities for taxis
A new area for people to pick up and drop off their family and friends
New ticket machines and passenger information displays
Reopening the pedestrian subway linking the new facility straight into platforms one to five and six to eleven
A new commercial development site to provide a business opportunity for activities, which will be ancillary to the station.

The scheme was given a boost after the Council and its partner Network Rail were successful in their bid for £6.177m from the Government’s £100m rail stations improvement fund. The announcement was made at the end of November.

Cheshire East Council and Network Rail own the land. In a bold move, the Council bought the landmark former Royal Mail site in Crewe for £2.75m. The 4.5-acre Weston Road site became vacant when Royal Mail relocated its sorting offices.

The site is seen as a prime spot for a landmark development as part of ambitious plans to redevelop Crewe Rail Station. The Council will continue to work with rail industry partners to deliver further investment to create an iconic 21st century gateway to the town.

The project is central to the Council-backed ambitious plans to regenerate and revitalise the town centre and surrounding area. This vision is called ‘All Change for Crewe’.

Councillor Jamie Macrae, Cabinet member with responsibility for prosperity, said: “This decision is excellent news and a vote of confidence in our plans to transform this historic station.

“A revitalised rail hub is critical to boosting the town’s visitor economy and its attractiveness to business.

“The scheme is a real milestone in our 20-year All Change for Crewe project. We hope it will act as a springboard to attracting further investment from Government and the rail industry to achieve Cheshire East’s ultimate ambition for the redevelopment of the station.”

Network Rail’s route managing director Jo Kaye said: “The station is used by three million people a year and it has long been recognised that there is a need for additional car parking, because more and more people are choosing to travel by train.

“The extra spaces created and the new retail outlets will bring even more people to the station for commuting, business and leisure travel – all of which will help grow the economy of Crewe. When the work is completed, passengers will have the facilities they have come to expect from a major station on one of the busiest rail routes in the country.”

New shops in Crewe town centre

It's been a while since my last update, so here's an update on new shops in Crewe

A new Frankie & Benny's restaurant has opened on the retail park - next to the fairly new TKMAXX store. I've not sampled the menu yet, but standby for a review soon. In Crewe town centre, Poundland finally opened it's doors in December.

Crewe town centre has also seen the return of the outdoor market. Speaking to some of the traders and they are determined to stay in the heart of the town centre due to the greater footfall.