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Sunday 28 July 2013

Review of Goodwin's Fish & Chips, on Nantwich Road, Crewe

Goodwin's Fish & Chips

Reviewed by: Local Listings on July 2013
. Great food, but overall poor experience

I was met with an empty shop when entering Goodwins in early July of this year. It was then around a 5 minute wait until someone realised there was a customer in the shop. An underwhelming welcome did little to make up for the wait.

A large fish, chips, peas and gravy costs £8.50, so slighty more expensive than the average cost.

The fish are all cooked to order and there's no doubt that the fish they serve up is one of the best in Crewe. The fish tasted great, but they chips were no better than ok.

ExitI paid with a £20 note and received £1.50 change! I queried this and she did realise her mistake and I do believe this was a genuine mistake on her part, but this simply added to the poor experience.

Rating: 3.0

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