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Sunday 24 May 2009

Best Fish & Chip shop of the year - Nominations

The Local Listings Best Fish and Chip Shop of the year competition is now underway. You can take part in voting by posting your scores in the comment box below or by emailing local-listings@live.co.uk. You may give scores for all nominees or just one - it's up to you. The competition is split into two catergories - value for money and the taste test. When you vote, please give a score, out of 10, for each catergory.

Value for Money
The score is not just about being the cheapest, it is based on what you receive for your money. Things to consider here are portion size & quality.

Taste Test
Each fish and chip shop will receive a mark out of 10 for taste.

When you vote, simply post the fish and chip shop name along with your scores for 'value for money' and 'taste.' Your scores will go towards the average figures, which you can see below.

Cod's Kitchen
Value for money: 6
Taste: 6

Value for money: 4
Taste: 3

Full Bellies
Value for money: 6
Taste: 5

Goodwins Fish & Chips
Value for money: 7
Taste: 8.5

Les's Fish Bar
Value for money: 7
Taste: 9

Value for money: TBC
Taste: TBC

Village Fryer
Value for money: 7.5
Taste: 6.67

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